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FaceBook Not Equal to Advertising

Facebook is the website du jour, but in Reach Students’ experience it delivers appalling ad clickthroughs.

We’ve run four targeted campaigns this year using its flyer ads, and each time the results have been disappointing.

Our most recent campaign saw 1.4 million page impressions delivered at specific universities – and only a 0.04% clickthrough rate. Ouch.

When we first experienced poor results earlier this year we looked carefully at creative and planning. Further experimentation saw a variety of quite different offers and creative approaches. What kept us going was the fact that others had anecdotally mentioned good returns from Facebook ads.

Facebook Campaigns-1

So Facebook, which has been letting people know it’s on track for $150m in

It remains a mystery to me why such perfectly targeted ads with highly relevant messages perform so badly on Facebook compared to other sites – often sites where the targeting is less precise. source

Complains one media buyer who spent heavily on a range of blog and social properties: “Facebook was consistently the worst performing site on just about every campaign we ever ran with them.” via


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Yes. The purpose of writing a business plan is not to please some VCs, but to really build a deep understanding of your business and build team consensus around what the vision is.

VCs absolutely pay attention to the executive summary…Writing a full business plan helps you conceptualize all of the nuances of your business and this understanding is crucial in helping you succinctly articulate your startup’s unfair advantage.”

The process of writing a plan is what creates value, because

  • The process creates a common starting point for the entire team
  • The process sets the goals and vision for the team
  • The process sets the path and identifies required resources
  • Writing the plan forces analysis
  • The process can help the team feel more confident about their ideas and strategy


What you think, is B-Plan is necessary ?. As there are many hitech products  that started off without B-Plan, but later created b-plan.

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