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FoundRed has an Inpiring article about How an Idea can be executed without

1   Money/VC

2   Experience

3   No Business Plan, etc.


We had next to no experience in developing a startup. (or some but not enough.)
– We had no working product to confirm we have a market and a clear proposition.
– We didn’t have the right team yet since we were just fresh.

We came to these 5 Conclusions (Some may not apply to your business, but they were for ours):

No Business Plan: Don’t start by writing a business plan, a short executive summary and a presentation is what people will look at or read.

Registration: We went to register our company and went to a lawyer from day one, they usually charge less when you’re just 2 guys in a garage developing a prototype.

Start from Day one: And we don’t mean start prototyping your product because this should be CLEAR that developing your product is a must. But when we registered our company, we defined Octabox as a separate entity than Lionite (Our design firm), since we started to take gigs in consulting and designing medium and large scale web application.

Bootstrap your life: your startup is at this stage that everything that happen in your life will be reflected in your startup, if you live an expensive life and can’t afford to put some money and time in your startup instead, my best advice for you would be to check if this is right for you.

Hire people :  I told my partner that sometimes it’s better to hire someone with 0 experience and little knowledge and that the true things that matters are: trust, ability to learn, ethics. This will not only let you learn to how to handle human resources before getting investments but also let you grow the people you need and want. People will less experience and knowledge sometime tends to be more loyal to your business and enthusiastic.



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The image “https://i2.wp.com/firestats.cc/chrome/site/firestats_trac.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

FireStats is a system for getting web statistics.

It provides the following Features:

  • Basic hit statistics (hits ever, in last 24 days etc)
  • Recent popular pages
  • Recent referrers
  • Browser and OS trees, grouped by what matters
  • FireStats now displays search terms! You can see the check the search terms people typed to get to your site.
  • IP to country – know where your visitors are surfing from
  • Search engine keywords (NEW)
  • A detailed list of recent hits
  • Excluding unwanted hits from the database
    • By IP address
    • By user-agent (to be used to filter bots)
  • Ajax UI, no need to reload the whole page – just press the ‘refresh statistics’ button to get the latest data.
  • more…

It also supports popular CMS.
You can see more features, Screen shots & Live Demo: visit their blog.

Download FireStat

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Most people agree on the following when it comes to Marketing.

  • Marketing is often perceived to be a cost center. Finance and sometime Senior executives are eager to define the RoI from Marketing. It is under pressure to deliver more from less funds.
  • Marketing in the new decade is substantially changed than what it used to be; consider advertising, social networks, globalization, channel distribution, customer knowledge etc.
  • Marketing & Sales, when operating in perfect sync, can spell wonders for business. Things, however are less than ideal in practice.
  • The role of Marketing is sometimes misconstrued in the industry – restricted to product pricing, promotion and PR.

some of the ills being faced by high-tech businesses and the role of Marketing as the solution.

Preemptive Products:

Same old cell phone, presence enabled. User calls in for pick up, Auto-attendant (Speech enabled software) picks up the phone, gets the location of the caller, conferences the taxis (mobile phones) available and closest to the caller. And then confirms the caller. The caller can also track the taxi as it is arriving, on his phone. Taxi drivers spending half of that amount can still give a healthy margin to business, I think. Mashups combining the Web and Telecom services can be used to build many compelling Apps.

One facet of Marketing is about thinking in terms of best possible experience (convenience, RoI) of the stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, employees, end users etc). It is not a standalone job; get information, apply knowledge and thinking and always work hard to ensure that your offering is always one step ahead in the technology race.

Core Strength:

This can hurt the business real badly, if miscommunicated. Remember that there’s a lot of resources spent during the product launch. Marketers must ensure that no product or feature is planned which is not in line with the core technical capability. In case of committed revenue, of course it’s a different story.

    It is particularly important in case of B2B businesses.


It is a chaotic marketplace with lots of vendors for every product. Customer’s needs can not be fulfilled by a single vendor. Building a partner ecosystem aligning with Customer’s and Market’s need is crucial to business growth.


No business wants to compromise on price. The key is to understand the demands of the market, paying capacity of the Customers and then re-align the offering to suit the price.

Stakeholder Experience:

Stakeholders in the business are aware of the VALUE that is being delivered and Marketing needs to communicate the (what, why, where, when, how) to the stakeholders.

Tracing the Customer Experience into Product strength/negatives:

It involves doing different things like: RCA of Customer Churn or broken deals, Customer perception and usage of various features offered. As an example, Web Analytics is a complete discipline for improving website response.

Global, yet Local:

Marketing functions are located worldwide, locally at the Customer-dense geographies.

Marketing is heart of the the business. When the heart functions normally, we never really need to know that it’s doing its job perfectly. When it hurts, it just shows. source

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