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The person fantasizing about to become entrepreneur has a Vision/an Idea(s) [people problem] to implement [solve] it. He is the one who cares the people, who understand the people problem or has his own difficult problem [others too] which he/she all set to solve it to make his/her life easier and others too.

He/She all set to begin to form organization to continually provide the solution to the difficult problems by identifying them.

Entrepreneurs are always attracted to 1] what they like, 2] similar mindset and 3] to the information [blogs, software, website, proverbs etc. ] which excite them and sometimes information makes them to laugh.

Entrepreneurs are those who sacrifice their life to create something value in society, to create more jobs, to generate revenue to the countr, to irradiate the poverty and finally give back to the society.

Any person is judged by what information he has with him [ whether the information is in Inbox of Mobile, Inbox of Email, Bookmarks, Rss, etc] what information he is trying to search, what type of chat he is doing, what type of person he is frequently talking with and so on.

Its all about the Passion, Credibility, Able to learn new things, Down to earth and Caring.

Don’t live on the Edge, Jump!.

Thank you!.


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